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When creating daily schedules be sure to match the schedule format to the child's skill level: A classroom schedule lays out the events of the day that affect all children in the room.Teachers can also create individualized schedules for children who receive additional (or alternative) services and supports.In an inclusive classroom, teachers weave in specially designed instruction and support that can help students make progress.

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Children with developmental disabilities should therefore have explicit skills-training in deficit areas as a central component in their curriculum.

Here are additional classroom ideas for accommodating students with significant special needs: Use visual cues to orient student in the classroom (Volmer, 1995).

On it, kids can use their fingers to write, erase and move images around on the large screen.

This teaching tool can also be used to turn students’ work into a video, which can be exciting for kids and help keep them engaged.

Try these ideas to motivate identified students with whom you work: Use strategies to make directions and learning expectations clearly understood.

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