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He brought home the letter with his and his manager’s names on it, but neither signed. They have an interest in ensuring that their employees aren’t harassed at work or otherwise subjected to angry emails from employees’ spouses.They can definitely reprimand or even fire your husband if part of the package of employing him is that his wife is going to send angry messages to his coworkers.

He denied having the affair, but I found all of their emails, texts and so on. He says that he has nothing more to do with her, but he sold her some Super Bowl squares and I threw a big fit and sent her an email telling her to stay away from my husband and I was not telling her again.

She supposedly went to management, and supposedly they wrote him up and made him sign a letter saying that if I went to his work, called anyone, or emailed anyone at his work, he would be reprimanded.

In a lengthy statement issued via her publicist at the time, she conceded she married the athlete 'too quickly', but accused him of being 'fascinated' by his new celebrity status.

In her cutting statement, Katie accused her estranged husband of 'changing' from the 'man I fell in love with' when they started dating in July 2009 - just eight weeks after she split from first husband Peter Andre.

She went to the police about the trolls but they were left 'embarrassed' and unable to take cases any further because there was no criminal offence in place.

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