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But it seems like they have not been caught with a shot together yet.

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And matsumoto jun dating

Reporter : For that, unless you ask the persons concerned...... (This article appeared in Nikkan Gendai on the 25th of October.) They were also spotted at Mc Donalds at 2 AM after the filming of the final and another local spot a few weeks ago (don't remember the name).

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The truth is still a mystery, but the exposure of the photograph of the lovers outfit has caused many fans to feel excited, thus expressing their wish for them to get together, although some have calmly analysed that this could also be due to the coincidence of their stylists choosing the same outfit. Copy Ed : Both are young stars but why do you call them celebrities ?

Reporter : The topic of a celebrity couple being born is the talk of the town. Reporter : The 2 leading actors in the movie Hana Yori Dango Final for some reason, seems suspicious. Reporter : Hana Yori was a big 8 billion hit, and Matsumoto and Inoue are also active in singing and acting respectively. Reporter : Inoue has even been nicknamed the 10 Billion Yen Actress. Reporter : During the drama, both of them overcame many troubles before ending up together, and it seems the same happened in real life. Reporter : It was said that while Matsumoto was doing a photo shoot for a free paper, his phone rang and Inoue Mao's name was indicated on his mobile phone. Reporter : Most youths nowadays usually settle things they have to do by mail but Matsumoto's manner was strangely restless, leading the staff present to think that there was something suspicious going on.

Copy Ed : Maybe he wasn't able to relax because he was in the midst of work ?

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