Android saxparserfactory setvalidating

The issue was caused in this commit as part of pull request #898 Reproduces when running Test NG on Android.The Android platform SAXParser Factory implementation does not support validation. Can you please add some instructions on how to reproduce this ? Can you please add some instructions on how to reproduce this ? the supports Validation(SAXParser Factory) method does not honor the value returned from Sax Parser Feature, and instead always returns true if a call to get Feature does not throw an exception.This is my current XML file it gives me the dialogue for different characters, or at least it should.

SAXParse Exception: The entity "nbsp" was referenced, butnot declared. Abstract SAXParser.parse(Abstract at org.apache.xerces. SAXParser Impl$JAXPSAXParser.parse(SAXParser I can understand that it can't find the entity, since I told the factory to not read the DTD, but how do I disable entity checking alltogther?

EDIT: This is for an Android app, which is why I am reluctant to use an API/library that isn't in the standard environment.

File file = new File("userdata.xml"); Document Builder Factory document Builder Factory = Document Builder Factory Instance(); Document Builder document Builder = document Builder Document Builder(); Document document = document Builder.parse(file); String usr = Elements By Tag Name("user").item(0)Text Content(); String pwd = Elements By Tag Name("password").item(0)Text Content(); Check this - - out and you'd be good. tutorialid=152 package com.mkyong.core; import bind.annotation.

Xml Root Element; @Xml Root Element public class Customer Avoid hardcoding try making the code that is dynamic below is the code it will work for any xml I have used SAX Parser you can use dom,xpath it's upto you I am storing all the tags name and values in the map after that it becomes easy to retrieve any values you want I hope this helps SAMPLE XML: import

A SAXParser Factory implementation that does not support validation may still have set Validating(true) invoked on it, causing an exception, leaving the SAXParser field uninitialized.

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