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The morning is often dictated by his moods, so I find it easier to help him through the routine and then work on independent skills after school.

Lil' D and Amal have 15 to 18 minutes to eat breakfast before school buses arrive.

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With the varying personalities of three children (plus both sets of grandparents, who support us and often visit from either India or Maryland), my husband and I feel both overwhelmed and blessed with love and support.

How do we keep everyone happy and moving forward while assessing all the moods, behaviors, and responsibilities of Lil' D's needs?

At the start of this school year, he left the bus upset, crying, and hungry.

Now, whether he's upset or not, Lil' D comes straight inside and immediately requests beads.

Our house is littered with strands of metal beads, which are his favorite thing.

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