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Before you go to sleep, pre-visualize your interview one more time. If you aren’t familiar with visualization techniques, a simple Google search will give you lots of info to help you out. Practice your breathing as you get ready and make sure you leave for your interview with plenty of time to get there. Put down the croissant, dust off the crumbs, and put on your best smile, its interview time!

If you get stuck, try to redirect your response to one of the Success Stories you know well, and make sure it highlights the If you find that you’re still feeling nervous during the interview, own up to it. If you start to stumble or find that you’re having difficulty with a question, it’s perfectly okay to let the interviewer know you’re a little nervous.

This will not only make you appear more human, but will also let them know that you’re owning up to being human and can, in some ways, make you more appealing and relateable.

As you go through your mock interview, make sure you’re giving conversational style answers, not just parroting back word for word answers you’ve memorized.

Remember, they’re hiring you to be a real person, not a tape recorder.

This isn’t a race to see how quickly you can get out. Just be careful not to let the pause go on for too long, let’s say, more than 5 seconds. Listen to what the interviewer is saying as well as asking…it can provide valuable information about the job that might not have been included in the listing or any previous communications with the company.

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