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If rumors are to be believed, Alaska is paradise for single women in search of a date.

But he also says some businesses fueled the hype when they "came out with just wild lies about the ratio of men to women that they must have dug up from the 1890s or something."Keeping the faith But at least one business refuses to let less-than-dramatic demographics deter its faith in the mystique of the Alaskan man - Alaska Men magazine. Carter, a mother of nine who has gained national celebrity with her mail-order-style publication and with frequent Alaska bachelor tours of cities in the Lower 48. "Alaska Men: The Odds are Good, but the Goods are Odd," reads one T-shirt slogan popular among women here.

Susie Carter, founder of the magazine, insists that men in Alaska are a "different breed.""They are pretty down to earth. But Carter, who was at the convention to dispense advice and encourage matches, defends the state's bachelors.

"Everybody tells me that theirs is the worst town in the world," says Mr. and her companions say it often feels as if the male-to-female ratio in Anchorage is more like 1 to 10 than the legendary 10-to-1 figure. According to state demographer Greg Williams, Alaska's population is only about 52 percent male, a rate only slightly higher than in other states. Williams has a ready answer: The statistics reflect Alaska's high number of military bases and personnel and a relative scarcity of elderly residents.

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