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A sovereign state is one neither dependent on nor subjected in any way to any other power or state or country.

However, as a British Overseas Territory it has a great deal of autonomy.

Bermuda is an island country with its own distinct national identity, but not a sovereign state.

It is the smallest in size but economically the most advanced, prosperous and populated per square mile as well as the oldest of all the fourteen British Overseas Territories (BOTs, see below).

This means that even people born and bred in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Bermuda's mother-country based on the nationality of its first colonists, are not free to come and go as they wish, if and when they come here do not have citizenship, generally cannot vote, need work permits like any other nationality if they are qualified to come to work and are never guaranteed continued employment even with work permits if Bermudians becomes qualified and are deemed able to take over their jobs.

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