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In February, 2016 I opened my own private clinic of sexology and couple's therapy in Ringkøbing.I work through counselling and therapy in English as well as Danish.This is not an academic lecture; so don’t expect statistics and graphs, but rather lots of smiles and laughter.

I am a trained couples counsellor and sexual therapist.

I work in a private clinic and teach therapists in training.

We live in a time where options are open and choice is free. The Danish men no longer burn and pillage the nunneries, and they equally share the burden of housework and taking care of their children.

But they do like a night on the town and sometimes struggle to find a balance between the caring father/partner and the inner Viking trying to break free.

Furthermore, I focus on clear speech, attentive listening and non-violent communication in my therapy and counselling methods.

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