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Furthermore, he is generally friendly towards Clyde, despite the fact that Clyde hates him, and always tries to sabotage his and Lori's dates.He's a little silly, as shown in "Undie Pressure" where he tells Lori that he would be in her house sooner, but he had to wait for a chicken to cross the road.Bobby was hurt by this, but Lincoln said they could still be friends if they didn't hang out as much as they used to.

Although he wasn't shown on screen, Bobby's voice was first heard in "Get the Message", where Lori sorted through the messages he left her.

Bobby's first onscreen appearance was in "Undie Pressure".

Meanwhile, Clyde was trying to keep Bobby and Lori broken up, so that he could have chances with her.

Eventually, Ronnie and Lincoln bonded over their sibling rivalries for Bobby and Lori, respectively, so they got back together again.

Carlos Pena Vega Adam Pluciński Guy Zeidman (Get the Message) Gilan Shachaf (Undie Pressure onwards) Alessandro Germano Johannes Semm Víctor Ugarte Francesc Góngora François Creton Jeong-Hun Kim Rodrigo Antas Tiago Matias Gabor Boldog Ifj.

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