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Our online book table Go (a catalogue may be a better description), offers a wide ranging selection of interesting volumes: Read Full Article Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill DE BILT - With a maximum temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, Sunday June 3 was the Netherlands coldest summers day since 1975.

Meteorological service Meteo Consult reports that it was just as warm on Christmas Day.

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The use of white glaze over a dark or buff colored pottery body created a "canvas" on which painters could now show brilliant colors which did not show up well on the darker bodies of the earlier pottery.

In the middle ages potters took the technique to Spain and Italy.

In his retirement he became the driving force in chronicling the history of his adopted New York State hometown.

Read Full Article Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill TORONTO, Ontario - The surprise resignation of long-serving Progressive Conservative MPP Elizabeth Witmer has shaken up the balance of power at Queens Park where Premier Dalton Mc Guinty governs with a Liberal Party minority.

The technique of making Delft was first described by Gerrit Paape in "The Delft Pottery Maker" written in 1794.

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