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Aerial shots from Bradford Museums & Galleries website. a=Quick Search&q=heckmondwike&WINID=1446034986327 The 4th of the 5 photos was listed as Bradford. The end of each row has this distinctive gable end.

It took me ages to work out it was actually Heckmondwike looking towards the town from Dewsbury Moor. They're all built to the same design as the 12 houses on Littlemoor road in Battyeford.

The right hand wing of the building was sliced off when the railway came through. Liversedge goods yard was used as an oil terminal by Charrington Hargreaves. R made a connection from the L&Y Ravensthorpe branch to the Leeds New Line in 1966.

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The odd class 40 used to turn up, but the best was 45022 Lytham St Annes.

The only 'namer' I remembered seeing in about 10 years (although half the trains used to arrive and leave in darkness.

Me and a fried used to hide under the tree when the train came to Charrington Hargreaves during the summer.

The wheels went past not 4 feet from you and you whole body used to vibrate due to the engine noise. One night it stopped right next to us and we had to stay hidden while the crew walked about and smoked for about half an hour.

R argued that they were loads better than the ones they replaced, probably true.

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