Headline feed gadget not updating

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And now the folder is empty So I got the "8gadgetpack" which has all the default gadgets that windows had plus some additional gadgets.

I have contacted the developer, and hoping they can make a change to it, or direct me to the folder to do the change myself. I know that you can choose WU in your area, however, I'm not sure if it makes a connection to WU's server once you choose it. He will get back to you with the answer and with any info regarding other questions that you have. Disk Drive, Thanks for tracking the change down, the change to https works fine and the Weather Underground gadget now works as expected, I hope that they keep their server active since Microsoft seems determined to keep people from using Gadgets. It was off for several hours here yesterday, was back on for a while late in the day, and off again today. I emailed the DEV for the gadget that you can get off the win7 site letting him know...hours later its working again. I know this is an ancient topic but in case it comes up again, WU just killed forecast support for the weather gadget.

For the last few weeks it has stopped working and displays "check your internet connection"I have noticed that when it updates the weather it will flash the current weather for a second or so then jump back to check your internet connection.

I have searched all over to see if there is a fix or reason for this and cant find anyone talking about it.

Now that the weather channel has their smelly foot on weather underground, I guess I should have seen this coming. Weather Underground changed the server where this gadget pulls its information from. To fix this, first find the following folder on your computer:%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\Wunderground Vista Widget.gadget In there, you will find a text file called "localized Functions.js".

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