Horoscope senior dating

The last time Mars moved through its retrograde cycle, whilst making multiple hard aspects to Uranus, was from the December of 2013 to the July of 2014.

It correlated to the violent Ukrainian breakaway from Russia, the annexation of the Crimean peninsula and the renewal of Cold War rivalry between the USA and Russia.

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It just so happens to be the birth year of Donald Trump, and yes he was also born on June 14.

Which should give a reasonably clear connection of why there is a record Pentagon budget increase, new planned military parades and a whole revived narrative about respecting the flag under this President.

We could start by analysing that degree area and its solar opposition.

For it is this time period when international diplomacy will need to be at its most delicate and skilful. The 1939 period saw the Sun Mars opposition linking in with destructive Pluto. The Mars Uranus triple squares and oppositions, across the last century, have coincided with conflict connected to revolutionary movements.

Both are in traditionally fixed signs, being Aquarius and Taurus, a signal of intransigence.

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