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Seeing Ah Mon has injured his hand, she offers to clean the wounds for him.

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In order to stop Ah Mon, Qi Yue agrees to be his 'runner'.

With Ah Mon's continuous bullying of Qi Yue, she is driven to stop all the nonsense by confessing her liking to Yuan Yi again.

The Hong Sisters have had their share of sad endings, hello killed off every single character except one, and yet everyone still loves it because the ending paid off the emotional narrative and audience connection built up.

The ending of Hwayugi paid off on in the second character, and even then dribbles, as I cared about the fate of Summer Fairy, Zombie Girl Bokja, the Dragon Prince, the Pig, and even Ah Sa Nyeo, and those characters got a decent wrap up.

Li Xiang hesitantly tells Ah Mon of Yang Ping's plan and Ah Mon rushes to Qi Yue's rescue. At home, Qi Yue confesses her liking to Ah Mon and he hugs her, saying that he is happy to know that she likes him.

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