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The governor apologized for his affair, the Republican said, but also denied any misconduct beyond that — instead blaming those allegations on "liberal media and Democrats trying to destroy him." The lawmaker pushed back, expressing disappointment at the governor's excuse.

But their united front to some lawmakers was consistent with the public response by Eric and Sheena Greitens, who acknowledged the affair in their initial statement as "a deeply personal mistake" by the governor."Eric took responsibility, and we dealt with this together honestly and privately," they said in a joint statement released Wednesday.

Clinton was supposed to have been caught by two Secret Service agents, but since the filming wasn’t official business, the studio used actors.

“They were unprepared for the fall,” said the agents on the scene who watched helplessly as their assignment’s brains became one with the St.

CNN was informed of the calls by multiple lawmakers and other GOP sources. Gary Romine, one Republican who has publicly called for an investigation into Greitens, told CNN that when the governor called him on Thursday, he went as far as to vow that no other allegations would come to light.

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