Parents trying to stop minor dating older boyfriend

Enjoys cigars and botches a big merger with the Japanese due to a nasty cold and no handkerchief to sneeze into. He is a very picky individual and nearly impossible to please.

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He falls off a small dinghy while chasing a whaling ship.

His crewmates (one of whom was played by Larry David) cannot find him in the dark waters and he subsequently perishes at sea where one of the crewmates promises to contact Elaine of his actions.

Ovaltine is a main topic of his acts (Jerry: "He thinks anything that dissolves in milk is funny"). After the group is convicted in the finale, Jackie confirms that Sidra, Jerry's ex-girlfriend, has physical features that are not only real, but also "spectacular."Short tempered resident of Phase Two of the Pines of Mar Gables who seems to consistently have a grudge against Morty Seinfeld.

He has curious views on food, and is obsessed with eating dinner at Mendy's Restaurant. Attacked Kramer, blames Jerry for misfortunes, dated and stalked Elaine Benes going as far as taking photographs of her around town and even in her apartment with a telescopic lens. Has a fancy astronaut pen that he gives to Jerry out of duress.

Dislikes the term "grease monkey." A recovering mysophobe, born again Christian, and a face-painting New Jersey Devils fan. Known for frequently initiating "high-fives" and his trademark line, delivered in monotone, "Yeah, that's right."Elaine's boss at Pendant Publishing and a temporary boss of George in "The Red Dot." Later, he opens a bakery named "Top of the muffin to you!

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