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It seems like that`s beside the point of what it is that you documented today. Our story was really limited to looking at the discrepancies and the contradictions in this paperwork.So if you look at what the SEC filings show that Bain on paper was calling Mitt Romney their president is their leader and their chief executive after 1999, up until 2002.So it`s a little different than misleading investors about who your CEO is, mom and pop on main street can`t buy stock in Bain Capital.

Guests: Christopher Rowland, Mudcat Saunders ED SCHULTZ, "THE ED SHOW" HOST: We did learn on the offseason how to put the uniforms on. Told some they could reapply at a 25 percent pay cut. With negative ads distorting Senator Kennedy`s record and the phony claims about his own. Now, he favors policies to benefit the wealthy at the expense of working families.

Romney`s firm bought a company called SCM, fired all 350 workers. NARRATOR: Mitt Romney, "I don`t mean to be callous, but there are people all over the world who would love a job flipping hamburgers in America." Romney -- in business, he specialized in low wage jobs but made $11 million for himself in two years.

His firm bought a company in Holyoke and moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would like to say to the people of Massachusetts that if you think it can`t happen to you, think again -- because we thought it wouldn`t happen here either.

Brady and see if he thinks that`s going to be enough. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIPS) NARRATOR: Mitt Romney`s ads claim he created jobs, but what`s the record?

You know, how can you retire from a company in 1999 and then remain as president and CEO and chairman? I mean, they haven`t been table to show that any of the reporting was inaccurate. Can we go to the video tape of the big Romney-Cheney videotape in Wyoming?

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