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One of the strengths that he’s employed up until this point in the affair is talking you into (and out of) certain things. Promises will be made that are highly unlikely to be kept once you’ve calmed down.

Yes, you are breaking up because he can’t give you what you need, want and deserve, however, you’re also breaking up with him because YOU are better than this. Yes, you may be conditioned to think that the crumbs are enough for you, but the reality is that a healthy relationship with a man that is only with you and puts you at the centre of his life, feels far different to the flimsy ‘relationship’ that you’re in now.

Remember that occasions like birthdays, Christmas, New Years won’t have to be spent waiting for his call or snatching a moment together.

If you can afford it, go away for a few days or a week for a bit of r&r or go and stay with friends and family. Instead of being in watching TV with your feet up waiting for his call, be out. If you think you’ll be tempted to be swayed, change your mobile phone or block his email address. You’d be surprised at how many women act in secrecy.

There is someone in your life who can and will be empathetic and support you with your exit.

Choose someone you trust and who can be supportive but tell you that it’s time to quit.

He’ll just think that you’re crying wolf and it will only be a matter of time until you’re back in the affair hot seat.

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