Teen dating abuse in columbus

I think my survival mechanism was repressing, being oblivious on purpose. I knew something was wrong, but I never thought to talk about it with a teacher.

A study by Akemi Tomado and others points to literal structural change in the gray matter of the brain in the presence of verbal abuse without proving causation.

Thanks to MRI imaging, the question of whether verbal abuses changes how the brain function is no longer in question: We know that abuse leaves behind a specific legacy.

The evolutionary goal is for children to adapt to whatever environment they are in, so that they are not in a constant state of stress.

Born into a safe, attentive, and attuned environment, the child’s brain develops normally; when born into one which is either unsupportive or hostile, the brain does not.

Registering potentially dangerous threats and keeping them alive and well in memory was key to the survival of early humans, and our contemporary brains are no different.

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