When is facebook updating news feed

The main ad could be targeted at women in long-term relationships who have shown interest in engagement- and wedding-related activities and vendors.

Another could target men who are preparing to propose and might have been researching proposal ideas, while still another could be designed for the LGBT community. Another option is to create a Facebook Group and have the business page run it.

In addition to using factors like reactions, comments or shares to determine how high a post appears in News Feed, Facebook now also will prioritize posts that “spark conversation and meaningful interactions between people.” They will do this by predicting which posts users might want to interact with and show them higher in feeds.

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The front sign outside Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

The social media giant recently announced changes to its news feed that will impact how much content users see from business pages.

Another increasingly important strategy is creating a budget for Facebook ads.

It’ll be even more important now to get the best content in front of the desired audience by spending some money. ”Keep in mind that Facebook ads also can target a very specific group of people, including an email list, or re-target people who may have already visited your website, all of which can be done through the Ad Manager.

Facebook Live makes it easy to shoot a vertical video on your phone, but there are programs and apps that allow you to cut video of any ratios into a square, which is good not only for Facebook but also can be used on Instagram.

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