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Singer-songwriters Daryl Hall and John Oates are one of the most successful pop duos ever.

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And suddenly, right before we were due to go on, a fight broke out between rival high-school fraternities - which really were just gangs with Greek letters. I said, "Oh, well, you didn't get to go on, either. You go to Temple University, I go to Temple University.

See you later, bye." And that was it, that's how we met.

" And I remember a very interesting thing happened.

Daryl's group were supposed to start a song, and the band wouldn't give them their chord to get the note - they were a purely vocal group - so Daryl sang the note from his head. And I said, okay, they've got something going on here.

Those are the things that I like, and when I see them come out, that makes me happy.

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