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He added he could not be satisfied that 39-year-old Mr Harrison intended to kill himself and said instead that his death might have been unintentional as he had drunk up to eight cans of cider.Mr Harrison's mother, Mary Green, who had lived in the house with her son until April, told the coroner: 'Ian was on tramadol for a shoulder injury.'Their relationship could be volatile as his mood could change quickly and he could be angry.I don't know what caused the events to occur.'In February of 2009 Ian found his housemate at the time passed away in a diabetic coma and that affected him badly.

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'At around pm on September 7 - his birthday - Ian and I had a trivial argument about what I was cooking for dinner.'He ate by himself in the living room and at around 7 o'clock I put my daughter to bed and went into my bedroom.'At around pm Ian came into the bedroom and said it had been a rubbish birthday and 'I might as well kill myself'.

'The comment went over my head, he had made comments like that before.'After discovering the body, Ms Ryan ran to the house of a neighbour, nurse Anita Barker, to get help.

Jessica's phone, which Huntley claims was not spotted by police as it lay on his draining board, was eventually thrown away at a Tesco supermarket in Ely, Cambridgeshire, after being washed clean of fingerprints. Wayne Huntley said Carr had insisted Huntley should burn the bodies to remove his DNA.

When Huntley told her he couldn't go through with it, Carr, according to his brother, said: 'If you don't do it, then I will have to.' Carr is also accused of washing sheets to remove traces of the youngsters from the house she shared with Huntley.

Bush during a concert in London in 2003, have been largely quiet for the past decade.

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